“Thank you so much for the patience you and your staff have with Stephen. That last appointment was a doozy!! He is very happy to eat popcorn again!! We are all very pleased with his smile. I will definitely refer your practice to anyone I know.”

Dana B.

“We love Dr. Lamparski and all of the staff! They are so very easy to work with and accommodate our schedule well. This is our second round of braces and despite being a not so fun experience, we couldn’t have asked for better people to go through it with!”

Alison R.

“My daughter had a loose tooth and was worried to get her expander put on. He calmed her and was able to remove the tooth for her easing her anxiety about getting the expander. A few days later he himself called to check on how things were going and how she was with the expander.”

Kylie K.

“The entire staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Not only have they answered all of my questions, but everyone seems eager to see success with their patient’s dental work.”

Adam K.

“I decided to give Invisalign a try, and absolutely love Dr. L.!! Very professional, friendly. His staff is wonderful and extremely efficient. I can’t wait to see the end result.”

Erica R.

“My daughter just loves the staff and always feels comfortable when she is there.”

Jessica R.

“Dr. Lamparski is such an amazing orthodontist!!!”

David L.

“Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a great orthodontist office!!”

Deborah J.

“Dr. Don and his staff are wonderful! We highly recommend!!!”

Sherry K.

“Everyone is so nice and I couldn’t have had or asked for a better experience with Invisalign!!”

Megan V.

“Any fears my daughter had walking in the office quickly went away when the staff treated her so wonderful. We LOVE Lamparski Orthodontics!!! Thank you.”

Billie G.

“I went through years of braces and they made it as pleasant of an experience as possible. Always very personable. They even remembered me coming back years later.”

Shannon B.

“Awesome!! My teeth look amazing!!! They did a great job.”

Kierra S.

“They did such a wonderful job with my son. His teeth look great! Now, my daughter is starting her journey with braces. I definitely recommend. Great with children.”

Carrie R.

“Great Doctor and staff. Extremely clean and friendly atmosphere. Braces look great and were painless!!!!”

Shane H.

“Everyone at Lamparski Orthodontics is very friendly…from the time you walk in until the time you walk out. Another great thing is we have never had to wait for more then two minutes for our appointment!!”

Kelly B.

“Love the interaction with each patient. They make you feel special. Would recommend.”

Joyce K.

“Andrew loved his first experience at Lamparski Orthodontics! He was treated very well by Dr. Lamparski and caring staff. He is off to a great start taking care of his teeth thanks to the detailed explanation of how to care for his new braces.”

Annette S.

“Four of my seven children have been patients of Dr. Lamparski. The staff members are very friendly and caring. The appointment schedule is run with such efficiency….very little to no wait time. The office is extremely clean and plenty of good materials to read in the waiting room. The process of getting an expander and braces for each of my children has been seamless. The final product is beautiful straight teeth! We will continue to bring our children here for orthodontic work. Thank you, Dr. Lamparski!”

Kristen V.

“We are very happy with our decision to use Dr. Lamparski! So far, he’s been a miracle worker on my son’s teeth. We were very concerned there was no hope… But they are coming along beautifully and he will have an amazing smile when it’s all said and done! Highly recommended.”

Jen C.

“Lamparski and his staff are lovely people! Everyone treats you like family and makes sure that you understand everything they are doing and why. They make sure you are comfortable with the entire process and are very approachable. Any questions or concerns you have, they are always willing to answer when you call or come in. As an adult, I was worried about getting braces, but they all make it seem so normal and make you feel very confident with them!”

Krissy T.

“We love the staff at Dr. Lamparski’s office. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I love how clean and inviting the office is. Dr. Lamparski is great at what he does!”

The Slomka Family

Years had passed and our son, now turning 16 was experiencing pain more and more frequently, which we mainly attributed to a bad fall he sustained in his childhood. Upon growing concerns that he would only get worse if left untreated, we searched out chiropractic care that almost immediately had a positive effect in relieving his pain. However, it became evident after months of treatment that the remaining pain could not be healed with this as a sole approach. Our chiropractor suggested we seek out dentists recommendations.

Dr. Martone took x-rays of Phillips mouth revealing the damage; twisted teeth, baby teeth still holding on, and decay from misalignment. It was not a pretty picture. Dr. Martone then told us about Phillips front teeth. They were his permanent teeth with a twist; two additional teeth above were impacting his adult teeth. Now what?

The dilemma: risk extracting impacted teeth, or risk extracting his existing adult teeth and pray the teeth hidden were in better shape, and go through the process of slowly pulling them into place.

This is when I was referred to Dr. Lamparski, the best recommendation Dr. Martone had for Phillip considering the nature of what had to be done to improve or possibly correct Phillips condition. Always professional and treating us with the highest degree of compassion, these two men worked together to bring us to this current point in time.

Surgeries aside and braces installed, Dr. Martone and Dr. Lamparski and their staffs are responsible for giving our son a most amazing smile that continues to improve to this day. This has been a wonderful experience and a profoundly coordinated effort by individuals who have, in my opinion, committed their lives to developing their talents to the point that they can help bring hope and closure for others. Maybe a small miracle. Phillip doesn’t hesitate to smile anymore.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”



Read Reviews & write your own


Read Reviews & write your own


Read Reviews & write your own


*For patients under 21 years old